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Work one-on-one with individuals to enhance their management and leadership skills.

DISC behavior style assessments and 360-feedback surveys are used for coaching.

Coaching session: 
A coaching session consists of 45 minutes contact with 15 minutes for session write-up and evaluation (total 60 minutes).  The session write-up is shared with the participant. Each session ends with a “to do list” for the participant. Skills coaching normally require 6 – 9 sessions; project coaching number of sessions varies based on readiness of the participant.  Session length can be doubled to reduce the number of sessions. 

Emerging Leaders Coaching

Development Tools & Workbooks: DISC behavior assessment report
New managers or those being groomed for management benefit from leadership coaching using the Target Training International Success Insights Collection individualized report.  This highly validated instrument provides a comprehensive, personalized report with information unique to the respondent’s behavior.  The report not only defines unique behavior, but guides the respondent in leveraging it for success. Individuals can be effectively coached in maximizing their strengths to achieve their goals.    Existing managers will use a 360-feedback survey as well.

Coaching Workbook: Success DISCovery Process 
This workbook is used in conjunction with the results from the DISC assessment and the entrepreneur assessments.  It provides a guide for the coaching sessions. 

Entrepreneur Assessments
Evaluate your readiness and areas for development regarding:

  • Personal Assessment
  • Lifestyle Assessment
  • Business Skills Assessment

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