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behavior style assessments
are used for coaching, communication and team development workshops.

DISC – The Universal Language

Anticipate the way to present information to create a win-win solution
Smile and appreciate all individuals in your various worlds
Recognize your own communication style
Read people better; decrease judging
Know when to adapt


Talent is a combination of many factors, one of which is behavior.  Knowledge of behavior modes can serve as a guide to leverage for success.  Interacting effectively with a variety of people marks the difference between success and failure in both work and personal lives.  Identifying motivating forces is important in understanding what makes a person effective, satisfied and personally successful.

DISC is a behavior model that helps people understand “how” they do things based on their behavior style tendencies.  The focus in on behavior styles rather than personality because behavior can be managed.  The goal is not to “pigeon-hole” individuals, but to develop individuals.

A DISC assessment of a manager or staff member will define his/her unique behavior mode.  The assessment can serve as a guide for the respondent and his/her manager in leveraging behaviors for success: employee development & performance plans, retention strategies for key employees, coaching & mentoring top talent, conflict resolution, improved communication & change management.

DISC assessment can be taken on-line, accessed 24/7, thru Target Training International, Ltd..

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