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Leadership skills, business management skills, communication, team building, customer relations, cultural competency, conflict resolution, leadership.

Critical success factors are based on the vision and goals established by the contracting agency.  Success will be measured by testing the knowledge of staff before and after training sessions.  The training process is based on the “LEAP” method:

  • LEARN the concept
  • EXPLORE the concept
  • APPLY the concept to real life situations
  • PRODUCE a positive change in the desired direction

Adrienne Heard is responsible for providing the first two parts of the equation.  The participants are responsible for achieving the final two parts of the equation, with our assistance.  Part of the success in measured through the increase in the knowledge base and understanding of the participants – and their increased awareness of the importance of their individual contribution to the long term success of the organization’s mission.  Using the LEAP process, the workshops are customized to suit your specific needs and time-frame.  Most topics can be presented in either 2-hour, 4-hour, 6-hour or 8-hour formats.

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